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Event Holidays

Horseshoe Bay South AustraliaWhy have just one day of celebration when you can have a long weekend? Sounds like a great idea right? More and more we are finding that enjoying the simple things in life like time with family and friends and slowing down to enjoy the good times is high on our list of priorities. Not surprisingly then a way to combine all of this is by planning an event holiday.

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Port Elliot Top 5 things to do.

Port Elliot Caravan Park

You’ll find one of South Australia’s best caravan parks just over 80kms from Adelaide. Port Elliot and the gorgeous Horseshoe Bay are well known to SA locals and it’s a popular place year round.  With springs arrival and daylight savings on the horizon there’s no better time to hook on the van and discover what’s on offer in Port Elliot. Here is my list of all-time top 5 things to do when you are holidaying along this spectacular coastline on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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