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Wye Beach


Wye River locals – Camping with Cockatoos, Kookaburras and Koalas

Wye BeachYou are spoilt for choice when it comes to staying in picturesque, friendly towns as you travel along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, but we had a tip to definitely stay at Wye River between Apollo Bay and Lorne. Not one of the better known places maybe, and one we might have overlooked for a bigger town, but it all makes perfect sense if you like a caravan park in an idyllic location, teeming with wildlife, across the road from a beach and walking distance to a hotel with magnificent views. What’s not to love?

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Going wild in Australia

One of the most appealing aspects of going caravanning is being out in nature and stopping to take in the natural surroundings and wildlife wherever we go. Travelling around Australia I’ve been lucky enough to have many wildlife encounters. I’ve seen whales breaching and cruising past the coast in pods, hand fed dolphins and patted stingrays. All of these and more you can read about in various adventures on the website.

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