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Naturally Colourful Mid North South Australia

The Mid North region of South Australia has particularly eye catching views in spring, mainly due to it being Canola season. Driving through the region your eyes are assaulted with the most brilliant colours and the whole area looks like it’s been draped in a patchwork quilt of the brightest greens, yellows and purples, thanks to the Salvation Jane growing. As you drive along there are plenty of old stone ruins, bridges and farm houses to see.

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Riverton Caravan Park South Australia

The mid north region of South Australia is a destination many travellers head to with the Clare Valley wine region and the historic mining town settlement of Burra being popular places to visit. If you’re looking for a less populated place to stay when visiting the region, then the town of Riverton could be just what you’re after. Riverton’s Caravan Park is small but very popular with those in the know and people who have stayed there before appreciating all it has to offer. It’s a popular park for clubs and groups to book because of it’s one stop facilities and convenience.

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