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New Normanville Art

On a recent visit to the town of Normanville on the western side of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, I was able to find some recently created street art. These were completed in September 2020 and are another example of local artists being used to brighten up spaces by painting scenes of the region.

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Stormin’ Normy

Summer in Australia is nearly officially over, but there will still be plenty of good weekends ahead to getaway. We’ve just spent a weekend at Normanville on the western side of Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, less than 80 kilometres from Adelaide.

Our reason for going was a group reunion and with a lot of the participants being caravan fans it was decided to base ourselves at the Jetty Caravan Park, which as the name suggests is the closest accommodation you can get to the beach. Continue reading


Plan That Getaway.

No excuses, plan that getaway you keep putting off now! We are lucky in Australia to have the ability to get away for a short break and not have to travel too far from home, especially if you only have a weekend available. In South Australia, pretty much in no more than two hours of driving you can be a world away.

So what better excuse than to do just that. Got a free weekend? Get out and enjoy it.

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Jetties Collect Life


How true this is for both below and above the water. I’m drawn to jetties, there is something that makes them compelling to stroll on and try to see or wonder at the life below them.  They are feats of engineering and have to put up with the harshest of wind, waves and other weather conditions sometimes unfortunately capitulating to the damage of ferocious storms.  I love the repetition of the old weathered, wooden pylons which are great to photograph as are the whole structures for their vanishing point perspectives into the horizon.

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Party at Normanville Beach!


Normanville foreshoreOne of my all-time favourite places to park the van for a while is at Normanville on the western side of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. The Jetty Caravan Park is situated as close to the beach as you can get, with it being only a short stroll to the jetty, foreshore, boat ramp and beach.

I love this beach in off peak times for the freedom of letting your dog have a good run on the long stretch of sand. There are always shells and interesting finds along the beach too. I have picked up quite a few heart shaped rocks on this beach so keep your eyes peeled.

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