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7 Weird and Wonderful Reasons to Drive the Stuart Highway


The Stuart Highway is an epic drive from one end of Australia to the other. From south to north it’s full of wow moments and surprising sights. Here are just a few.

Everything Natural on a Grand Scale

The differing landscapes take your breath away. The things you don’t see every day but are so grand in scale that you can’t help but be impressed. For instance at Port Augusta there is a huge wind farm popping up on the edge of the highway which will have 50 wind turbines as part of a solar-wind hybrid plant and renewable energy project.

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Stuart Highway Adelaide to Darwin – the Stats


For those planning a driving holiday along the Stuart Highway which runs from south to north of Australia, here are a few facts and figures as they stacked up for us on a 4 week (25 day) getaway. Our travelling ‘rig’ is a Toyota Landcruiser 200 series V8 diesel, and our caravan is a 22ft Jayco Silverline.

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Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles NT


This is one spot I can’t pass without staying at, whenever we travel in the Northern Territory. Karlu Karlu, also known as the Devils Marbles, has a very mysterious feel about it and never fails to leave you awestruck.

The way they were formed isn’t that mysterious though, the balancing marble like boulders are a result of a process over millions of years where solid granite rocks have eroded away due to the elements and left weathered granite boulders perched on rock platforms.

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Visit Katherine NT


One of the bigger and more well known areas to visit on a trip through the Northern Territory is the town of Katherine.

It is 320 kilometres south east of Darwin and is most popularly known for Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge) and various places where you can swim in natural hot springs. This is another region where you could easily spend a week or more enjoying these aspects alone.

When we have visited previously we’ve toured through Katherine Gorge and it’s always a spectacular natural landscape to see but on our last holiday, we spent time discovering some new to us experiences and revisited some other favourite places.

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Being a Lazy Lizard at Pine Creek


Every destination has a story to tell. We’ve been guilty of bypassing lots of small towns and localities when travelling in Australia, but to be fair, it’s a huge country to discover.

I’ve been surprised so many times though, by the off the beaten track places and I can now add Pine Creek in the Northern Territory to that list.

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Adelaide River War Cemetery


To me, an important part of holidaying is to delve into the history of places to really gain an insight into how and why towns and cities were established and the stories of the people who lived and died there. Adelaide River is a little over an hour from Darwin in the Northern Territory and the role this location played in Australia’s war time history can’t be understated.

During WWII the conflict was brought to Australian soil when the city of Darwin was bombed by the Japanese on the 19th of February 1942. On that day, 240 people including many civilians were killed.

Following that attack, military unit camps were established at Adelaide River,and tens of thousands of troops were stationed there.

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