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Jetties Collect Life


How true this is for both below and above the water. Iā€™m drawn to jetties, there is something that makes them compelling to stroll on and try to see or wonder at the life below them.Ā  They are feats of engineering and have to put up with the harshest of wind, waves and other weather conditions sometimes unfortunately capitulating to the damage of ferocious storms.Ā  I love the repetition of the old weathered, wooden pylons which are great to photograph as are the whole structures for their vanishing point perspectives into the horizon.

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Happy Australia Day from Esperance WA

img_3114We started our stay here by going to the visitor information centre and historical village, after all why not hear what the locals believe are the best places to visit.Ā  We spoke to some very knowledgeable and happy locals who were eager to share info on their favourite places to visit.Ā  Also got some great tips from a local photographer, Sally Nevin of White Sands Gallery about good spots to visit and what time of day.

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