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Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Did you know that this week you have the opportunity to participate in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count? It is running from the 22nd to the 28th of October and has been organized by BirdLife Australia, a not for profit bird conservation organization. To take part in it you just need to download the app or check out their website, and read the FAQs on the how?, why? and where?, to get full details. You can download the app, put in a location where you are and begin the count straight away.

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You’ve got to have personality to stand out.

The Australian pelican and the common seagull (also known as silver gull) can be found everywhere yet their personalities are so comical that they are two subjects I love to photograph on holidays. Pelicans in particular can be so gregarious, looking graceful in the air as they glide along yet they look clumsy and too big to take off when they are on land. As for seagulls, although they are scavenger birds they can look so elegant and pristine with their perfectly white and groomed feathers they make great subjects for photos. Continue reading