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Storm Boy Discovery Trail in South Australia

If you love Australian movies and visiting the places where they were made then the Storm Boy discovery trail is for you.

The original Storm Boy movie was made in 1976 and the remake is due for release in January of 2019. The story is set in the 1950s and luckily history has been preserved (or in some cases a little re-created) in the towns that were used as settings for the movie. The natural environment of the Coorong and the beaches and wildlife will no doubt speak for themselves.

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The Captivating Coorong

There is a special place in South Australia which I think has gone largely unnoticed, but a spotlight is about to be shone on it with the release of a movie in January 2019. The movie is ‘Storm Boy’ and the setting is The Coorong, an area in South Australia that at it’s heart, is less than 2 hours from Adelaide. The Coorong is a series of estuarine lagoons that are protected from the wild Southern Ocean by sand dunes and a shell covered sandy peninsula that stretches for around 130 kilometres, beginning at the Murray Mouth in Goolwa.

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