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Street Art in Warrnambool

street art WarrnamboolThe town of Warrnambool in Victoria has a profusion of public art to find as you walk the streets and alleyways. From statues to whole wall murals, quirky smaller pieces and mosaics, there are a multitude of artistic styles to find.

Here’s a few of the examples I found around town.

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Songkran Festival in Warrnambool

Songkran festivalSometimes you can be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.  This happened for us when we were in Warnambool just for the weekend and were lucky enough to stumble across the Songkran Festival, or Thai New Year festival which was being held in Lake Pertobe Park. Continue reading


Gilligan’s to the rescue

Gilligan’s phone repairsI have to give a quick shout out to a lifesaver we found when we needed urgent tech repairs in Warrnambool.  With my iPhone, iPad and Canon camera I’m pretty well set to do anything on the road for Instagram, blogging and getting stories and photos together for magazine articles.

Prior to leaving home I’d also bought a wireless keyboard that I can sit my iPad in, Bluetooth connect to, and happily type away at a faster pace.

All good until…it’s getting close to midday on Saturday afternoon and the cord to the charger refuses to fit into the connection on the iPad. Then just to make things worse, my husband drops his phone onto a concrete slab at the caravan park and smashes, thankfully only the glass screen cover he has on it, but it has to go.

A quick google search finds a phone and tablet repair business in Warrnambool by the name of Gilligan’s Phone Repairs. A quick check shows that they are open until 1pm. Thanks to the phone navigation we head straight there with fingers crossed.

The young guy we met on entering the business had a great attitude and terrific customer service from the start. I explained the issue with the iPad, no problem, yep he found a small bit of plastic inside the body where the cord should plug in, all done and fixed in 20 seconds.

Next, a new glass cover for the phone, absolutely can do (and at a third of the price that they cost from a Telstra shop) and attach it for you too, sure. So our perceived dramas were dealt with in no more than 10 minutes!

My only regret was that I didn’t get the guy’s name to praise him more but we did slip him a little extra cash to shout himself a drink on  his Saturday night. I hope he did, we were sure saying cheers to him.

So if you’re looking for great service and excellent value for money visit Gilligan’s Phone Repairs. Definitely no bumbling first mates here.

Gilligan’s phone repairs

With relief and gratitude.