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Kaniva Raises the Baa with Community Art

IMG_0214Kaniva is around the halfway point when you’re driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and it’s a town we always make a point of stopping in. Not only have we always had friendly service and great coffees, they also have really easy parking, clean public conveniences, and there is a unique painted sheep trail to follow. Continue reading


Kaniva, a Town of Humour and Hospitality

The town of Kaniva is in the West Wimmera area of Victoria. It’s a perfect place to stop on the drive between Adelaide and Melbourne and in fact when you’re driving, its closer to Adelaide at 315 kilometres away, than to Melbourne with around 415 kilometres to go.

There’s a lot to see in Kaniva and you can’t miss for starters the big windmill as you drive into the main street of the town. It is there as a symbol of the abundant underground water supply in the town that supports this farming district. Surrounding the town are green farms, sheep stations, wheat fields and canola.

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