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Surfing Hotspots in Australia

surferPick any day of any season and you will find people out in the surf somewhere along the coastline of Australia. The continent is known as having some of the best waves in the world and therefore some of the best surfers in the world. If you’re looking for some of the top surf regions there are plenty of recognized ones to choose from including 80 in New South Wales, 25 in Queensland, 30 in South Australia, 9 in Tasmania, 30 in Victoria and 33 in Western Australia.

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Beaches and That Jetty.


Our next move was to Yallingup (place of love) and yes we loved it.  A very easy going town with a good feel, great beaches and close to some more places we had to visit.

The caravan park is right next to the beach which had plenty of surfers out on the day we arrived. The town has a great bakery and a huge hotel, called Caves House with live music every night, a big outdoor eating area (dogs welcome) and the hotel itself is a stunning deco style inside.  Well worth a visit just to take it all in.

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