Caravan Wheel Alignment – Onsite

Safety on the road is the most important part of caravan holidays, we all want to arrive safe and sound at our destinations. All safety aspects need to be considered before taking off towing a 3 ton house behind you including anti sway, ride levelers and braking controls. We have a complete service done on the caravan before planning a long journey but in between as with any vehicle, it pays to keep an eye on the tyres and general wear and tear.

We purchased our van second hand from a dealer and now that we have had it close to a year and taken it away for a few holidays within the state, it was time to check its wheel alignment. Poor wheel alignment can lead to the van pulling one way or the other and this then causes increased tyre wear and vibration. Having wheels aligned means better performance, better fuel efficiency and a safer drive. We used a recommended business which not only does wheel alignments at various caravan businesses near us locally, but also comes to you and does the wheel alignment on site using a mobile laser wheel alignment system.

The name of the business is Barclay Onsite Wheel Alignment, located at Lonsdale in South Australia. The company does wheel alignments in the southern suburbs and towns of the Fleurieu Peninsula and was the one referred to and highly recommended when we made enquiries locally. I won’t pretend to know for a minute how it all works but I can say that it was a quick and efficient service with no mess and probably took less than a couple of hours to complete. When he had finished we also received a report of the wheel track and camber of each of the four tyres and how many millimetres they were out, before alignment.

We got a very thorough report to print off and payment of the account was easily done by bank transfer for a no fuss caravan wheel alignment without having to leave home. Definitely a business to give a shout out to.

Safe travels


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