Coorong Cruising

IMG_9424In South Australia another round of Great State vouchers will be issued soon, an incentive from the Government and state tourism authority for people to get out and experience this great state, while putting a bit of money back into the tourism economy.

Not long ago, I went on a Coorong Cruise, operated by Spirit Australia Cruises, which takes passengers on a 90 minute cruise downstream on the Murray River, from Goolwa to the Murray Mouth and into the Coorong.

To read all about it visit this link to the story on CamperMate.


If you are lucky enough to receive a great state voucher, this is one experience I can highly recommend.



8 thoughts on “Coorong Cruising

      1. They probably think people earn enough here. ACT Govt has spent/done next to nothing covid related though (excessive) rules and regulations and the lack of overseas students have made life difficult for many even though our covid numbers have been next to nothing and what we had was related to diplomats coming and going. To be fair there was always a risk given the possibility of travelling to and from Sydney – something which was never restricted though there were strong warnings against visiting north shore when it had its outbreak. Adelaide has been very fortunate too. I was down in Sydney last weekend (great caravan show!) and while locals are out and about as pre covid days there was a very very evident lack of tourists and overseas students which would make up, between them, nearly half the people on the streets on a good day. Rather sad actually.

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