Goldy’s Tavern – Collingwood

003Goldy’s Tavern in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood is a little gem of a traditional style pub in the burbs which is a must see for the retro fans out there, or for those of us that lived with this décor the first time around.

In the 1970s this place was the Leinster Arms Hotel and was often frequented by notorious criminal, Mark ‘Chopper’ Read. The red brick building was built in 1863 and was known first as the Gold Street pub. It was renovated in deco style in the 1930s and in its latest incarnation, it has been converted back into a homey neighbourhood pub with some very clever décor which makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in.

Your first thought on entering is ‘wow’, as you try to take in all the time warp interior touches everywhere you look. It’s a very welcoming pub where you can get good hearty food with a modern twist and it’s especially welcoming to dogs. So much in fact that one of the dining areas is named ‘the good bois room’ and the walls are adorned with dog photos.

The pub is separated into lots of cosy rooms, dining areas and bars, indoors and out and feels like you’ve stepped into your nanna’s house but she’s not home and a party is on in every room. The first thing noticeable is the autumn toned eye catching floral carpets and runners throughout the venue and all the furniture and Knick knacks are straight out of mid-century Australian décor. Think flying ducks on the wall, checked material covered armchairs, the old box television in the corner and loads of dark timber furniture.
Look a little closer and you’ll also notice the spoon collection on the wall, amber drinking glasses and jars of pickles and preserves above the kitchen serving window. There are also lots of old games stacked on shelves that you can play while you’re having a drink.

There is a lot of new style in the menu though. Yes you can still get a parmy, (though they insist on calling it a parma! It’s a state thing) but you can also get an eggplant parmy. A good old porterhouse steak is on the menu, but it comes with Acacia butter as a point of difference. There is a regular burger or a vegan option and many other choices.  The food is really good and hearty.

There are plenty of interesting drink choices too, but when at Goldy’s you have to try the ‘Gold One’, a Pale ale and Pasito (passionfruit fizz) shandy. Definitely different, and you can get beers by the pot, pint or jug.

Goldy’s Tavern is at 66 Gold Street Collingwood.



9 thoughts on “Goldy’s Tavern – Collingwood

    1. I know, they should warn you before you enter that decor may trigger major flashbacks! 🙂 The only difference to the ones I remember is that this was bright and new not threadbare and dull!


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