Coffin Bay ~Roos and Views

Coffin Bay is one stop on Eyre Peninsula not to miss and even though it is surrounded with National Park, which is one of the drawcards for visiting, you can still have some great experiences while travelling with your dog.

The caravan park is on the foreshore and has lovely views over the bay. It is close enough to town to be able to walk everywhere and the park is dog friendly. Throughout the town and caravan park you’ll have kangaroos and emus wandering through, so make sure your dog is on a leash at all times.

The kangaroos don’t seem to be bothered at all, and will come quite close to your campsite. Even as you walk around the town, you quite often come across kangaroos in house yards and businesses, unperturbed by humans.

Coffin Bay has a general store, café, takeaway and other general services needed including a hotel which is tucked away in the scrub but has a great view with of course, kangaroos grazing on the lawn outside. You really do have to be careful when driving around town because kangaroos are literally bounding across the road everywhere. An easy way to get around town is to walk and there is a walking trail that follows the coastline, called the Oyster Walk.

The entire walking trail goes for more than 10 kilometres return, but for a smaller taste, you can take a leisurely stroll from the foreshore and jetty area, along the walking track which follows the coast past some pretty fabulous looking shacks / houses / holiday rentals, which is terrific for those of us who love a sneaky peek at beach houses. This part of the Oyster Walk will lead you directly to Oyster HQ, which is also conveniently across the road from the caravan park.

Oyster HQ is situated right on the waterfront with the best views in town from the deck overlooking the bay. You can take in the view while you enjoy tapas style tasting plates, oysters of course and wines. The deck is also pet friendly so your well behaved dog is welcome too. It’s a very popular spot as you’d expect so make sure you book.

While you’re there, have a taste of the locally made Coffin Bay Spirits Coastal Gin. It is made with coastal Boobialla or native juniper, bearded heath, Karkalla fruit and foraged seaweeds, and their description is pretty spot on with a nose of beach and truffle, and a taste of distinctive oceanic savoury notes and the sweetness of coastal fruit.

Oyster HQ also conduct oyster farm tours of their semi submerged tour deck where you can pull on waterproof waders and learn all there is to know about oyster growing including tasting them straight out of the water.

After an enjoyable afternoon at Oyster HQ it’s only a short stroll across the road to the caravan park, where kangaroos are roaming everywhere again by dusk. A lovely way to end the day is to sit around a small contained campfire and watch them grazing as you enjoy the local gin.



8 thoughts on “Coffin Bay ~Roos and Views

  1. Oyster HQ looks great .. had look at the menu .. the oysters are not cheap!. The menu inspired me to go out just now and buy a couple of dozen oysters for not much more than the price of 3 at Oyster HQ…. better get a nice wine in the fridge so that is chilled pre dinner:-)

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