Lazing at Lipson Cove

Another free camp of note we stayed at during our Eyre Peninsula trip was Lipson Cove, named after Australia’s first Harbour Master.

Apart from the well laid out and defined camping area, you have a couple of long drop toilets and rubbish bins provided, and one long and lovely white sandy beach for your $10 per night, per site.

 The maximum length of any stay is 2 weeks and the weekly site fee is $50. The sites are numbered and there are walkways to the beach from the campsite.

The only other noticeable structure are some remains on the beach which are that of an old jetty, built around 1882 and dismantled in 1949.

The beach is another perfect Eyre Peninsula example of white sand, comfortable places to fish off the beach and perfect for a dog on holiday to enjoy too. All within easy walking distance to your van.

Lipson Cove is a little over 23 kilometres north of Tumby Bay is a lovely spot if you’re looking for a quiet free (cheap) camp to do a bit of fishing and relaxing.



13 thoughts on “Lazing at Lipson Cove

    1. It really surprised me too actually, it had been a long time since I’d visited the Eyre Peninsula but I won’t be leaving so long next time. What blew me away the most were the incredible pristine sand dunes too, I’d forgotten how perfect they were. We were there at a good time outside of peak holiday time so we had so many beaches to ourselves.

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