Coastal Art Drive in South Australia

If you’re looking for an art filled drive with coastal views along the beaches of Adelaide, then take a drive to Glenelg and Brighton and along the foreshore to find some awesome art and sculptures.

In Glenelg you can find on the side of the Seawall Apartments building a mural called ‘Beastly Sea’ which was painted by Dave Court, based on a photo by Che Chorley.

It was painted in 2018 from a photo taken by award winning South Australian photographer Che Chorley, which was taken at sea level and conveyed ‘the fear, trepidation, romance, beauty and power of the sea’. You can find the building on the corner of the Esplanade and Pier Street Glenelg.

In Brighton you can find this stunning mural on the side of the Ecolateral store on Brighton Road, near Jetty Road. The store sells eco-friendly, sustainable, zero waste and plastic free products and the mural wall was painted by local artist Morris Green.

Just around the corner on Jetty Road you’ll find a buzzing strip of shops, eateries and colourful artwork including on the side wall of Alimentary eatery which was created in 2020 by Azzurro artist, and another of his pieces can be found further along Jetty Road.

Near the Brighton jetty you can find this sculpture which commemorates the life of Kitty Whyte, a local woman and accomplished swimmer who taught children general water safety and how to swim. In 1926 at the age of 35, Kathleen (Kitty) Whyte died from a shark attack in the water near the Brighton jetty and was the first known shark attack victim in South Australia.

The sculpture created by artist Gerry McMahon, is made from stainless steel and copper and portrays Kitty frolicking in the water with two children.

Further south along the foreshore you’ll find a ‘shaka’ hand gesture sculpture called ‘Hang Loose’ by Chris Murphy, Pelican sculptures by Ty Manning, a tuna sculpture by Flynn O’Malley and a figure doing a handstand.

Further south at Seacliff Beach just near the sailing and Surf lifesaving club you can find this lovely one. This sculpture is called ‘Peace of Mind’, and was created by Jayd Van Der Meer and the plaque at the base of the sculpture reads:

‘This sculpture isn’t complete without you, by standing in the middle you become the centre line of peace, acknowledging in order for our world to gain peace it starts with you’.

These are just a few of the terrific pieces of art you can find in the Glenelg to Brighton area of South Australia, and you just never know who else you might see out and about enjoying the views.



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