Off Grid Campers Welcome – Point Lowly

‘Welcome to Point Lowly Camping Zone’ the sign proclaims as you drive into this small fishing village full of shacks and some newer and bigger houses, that all hug the coastline.

It’s easy to see why, with the whitest of white sand beach in front and turquoise water to fish in; and this picturesque spot is only 35 kilometres north of the town of Whyalla on Eyre Peninsula.

Back to the welcome sign on the ablution block building (which is still under construction), and it boasts that Point Lowly has spectacular vistas and wildlife, friendly strangers and relaxation waiting for you if you’re camping overnight.  All perfectly good reasons for me to want to stay there and all true it turned out.

The map shows a few different places at the point where camping and caravanning is allowed and you can stay for a maximum of 14 days at a cost of $10 per night.  Envelopes to pay your fees are available at this building and a permit has to be displayed on your car.

There are quite a few spots where you can park and get spectacular views over the water and true to the sign, kangaroos roam around and aren’t too shy to get close to visitors. In fact next morning after our overnight stay while I was taking photos pre dawn, I was surprised by a kangaroo in the scrub which rather than being wary and bounding away, actually started coming towards me!

Until the ablution block is completed there are two portable toilets there to use and there are a few shelters with picnic tables and benches to use as well as a pretty good playground for the kids. For the boaties there is a brilliant boat launch area with a safe breakwater to head out for a day’s fishing.

You’ll also find a terrific book swap in an old fridge by the ablution block building, which was full to the brim of books and magazines and we were able to swap reading material with old books we carry in the van, precisely for this reason. Love these swaps!

A big draw card to visiting the area is the lighthouse. It’s just a short 1 kilometre walk from the camping area with sign boards to read along the way on this part of the Freycinet Trail. The Point Lowly area and northern Spencer Gulf, is also well known as a breeding ground for cuttlefish and is recognized as the ‘Cuttlefish Capital of the World’ and declared a protection zone for their breeding.

The lighthouse and two cottages were completed in 1883 and the original lighthouse was 15 metres tall but was extended to its current height of 22.8 metres in 1909 after a few incidents. The two cottages were built for the two resident light keepers who manned the lighthouse for 90 years until 1973.

The walk to the lighthouse and return is a good way to stretch the legs after a long journey in the car and as well as the local wildlife you can find a few arty pieces made by the locals.

Enjoy a stay at Point Lowly and as the sign says, ‘relax; make new friends; share stories and enjoy your stay; we are delighted you are here – Welcome’.



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