Salena Estate & Cucina 837

One look at the advertising for this Riverland winery had me interested. The cellar door photos looked like just my kind of place, with a great looking venue, interesting choices of wines and food that sounded delicious. All of these wishes came true at Salena.

Salena Estate is a family owned winery which was established in 1998 by the Franchitto family. They grow their own grapes, harvest, and produce wines on site and are one of the largest producers of organic wine in Australia.

They have a number of different brands and varieties of wines ranging from Sparkling wines, Vermentino, Chardonnay, Rose, a wood aged fortified wine, and in their words, a BFR (BIG F@#%ING RED!), and these are just a few.

The #genS label wines taste as good as they look and include catchy names like ‘Get Sassy with Savvy’, ‘You, Me and Pinot Gri-gio’, ‘Slay all day, then Rose’ and ‘Mwah,Mwah, Pinot Noir’. They’re also very helpful when it comes to the pronunciation of the wine varieties don’t you think?

When it comes to specialties you have to try the 837 Cello, a series of Limoncello products that you can sample with tasting notes. The five you get to taste are Limoncello, Limecello, Citruscello, Mandarincello and Orangecello. A great introduction to this citrus growing Riverland region.

At the cellar door you will also find Cucina 837, an Italian restaurant which is worth a visit on its own for the outstanding food. The cheeky placemats on the table say ‘I know you’re hungry, turn me over’ and the choices on the reverse are many. We chose to share a couple of Antipasto dishes of Bruschetta and Arancini Balls which left room for us to indulge in dessert too.

The desserts were more traditional Italian favourites including Panna Cotta, and Zeppole, but we couldn’t go past the Dessert trio after our waitress described what it included. The mini cannoli, tiramisu, honeycomb and other small bites were a divine finish to an exceptional meal. The chef, Vincenzo, even left his kitchen to see how we were all enjoying the food.

Salena Estate is open 7 days a week and can be found at 837 Bookpurnong Road, between Berri and Loxton in South Australia. We can’t wait to make a return visit in future.

Cin Cin!


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