Quirky Australia

You will see a lot of weird things when you road trip in Australia. A lot of quirky things you pass on the road have come about from either boredom or Aussie humour I suspect.

Those things include termite mounds dressed in t-shirts in the Northern Territory, and the odd tree adorned with bras, or shoes just to name a couple.

They certainly grab your attention and give you a laugh when you’ve been driving on a straight highway where the views can seem the same for many kilometres. I’m not a fan of dressing up nature like that, but you usually find it’s limited to one dead tree.

Nothing should surprise us anymore but one rest area on Eyre Peninsula did grab my attention when we were there recently, and we just had to stop and take a look up close.

Book exchanges are a pretty common thing around the country now, and in quite a few public places you can find little libraries and ways to exchange books popping up everywhere. This is happening at campgrounds too and it’s quite common to find old refrigerators repurposed as little libraries where you can swap books and magazines while you’re travelling.

Another oddity I’m seeing more, is pianos being decorated and left in public places for people to play and bring a bit of joy to passers-by, and well…this side of the road rest stop grabbed my attention because it had both!

These bright pink painted lovelies also sported some extra decorating details including old LP records and love hearts stencilled on the piano. Sadly some of the records were broken and being out in the weather, the piano was in pretty bad condition and not able to be played. (Not that either of us could anyway!)

One of the old record labels was ‘His Master’s Voice’ so we did have fun trying to get Neo to emulate the label, but I think we only got the Kelpie version of a sigh and an eye roll.

Lipson rest area is by Salt Creek Bridge, about 15 kilometres north of Tumby Bay on the Lincoln Highway, Eyre Peninsula. Keep your eyes open for these to brighten your journey.



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