New Story RV Daily magazine

Travelling around Australia and enjoying land based fishing as we do, you come across a lot of really great jetties.

They are so important to recreational fishers and there are quite a few around Australia that are attractions in themselves, even if you aren’t there for the fishing.

Busselton Jetty in Western Australia is the longest timber piled jetty in the southern hemisphere, at 1.841 kilometres long. You can walk to the end or take the jetty train and at the end visit the underwater observatory. It’s amazing and a must see.

In South Australia the longest jetty can be found at Port Germein near the top of Spencer Gulf, and its length is 1.680 kilometres.

For the most unique, and one with the best facilities for fishers though, it has to be the Whyalla jetty in South Australia. This jetty is a one of a kind in the southern hemisphere and you can see why in my latest story for RV Daily magazine.



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