Riverland – After the Floods 2023

Thankfully the Murray River flood crisis is slowly shifting to recovery phase after the river levels have finally reached their peak in South Australia.

The challenge lies ahead now to clean up the damage done with estimates of up to 1800 properties being affected by flood damage.

Now more than ever the Riverland and Murrayland areas of SA are looking for visitors to return and slowly the caravan parks will be re-opening and looking for people to visit and spend money in the towns affected.

Renmark on the Murray River is one town that was affected by the flooding but luckily the levee banks that were built to hold back the water did a great job and many of the businesses are back to welcoming visitors. The town’s caravan parks are either open now or expecting to be in the next month.

As with any natural disaster in Australia, be it fire or flood, it can take a lot of time for communities to recover and that’s exactly why we should keep these areas in our minds when planning a getaway. Renmark has a lot going for it with beautiful river views, great places to eat, and one of our favourite places to visit, 23rd Street Distillery.

With that in mind I was more than happy when approached by the Distillery, to help out by encouraging travellers to visit them when next in the region. Take a look at why you should plan to stop in there at the link HERE.

In return, 23rd Street Distillery have also written a lovely piece about my website and prompted visitors to come on over and check it out!

Keep 23rd Street Distillery in mind as a destination to visit next time you’re in the Riverland of SA and don’t forget that a ballot opens from the 27th – 29th March to score yourself a free Riverland Tourism voucher. More than 25,000 vouchers will be on offer over three rounds with amounts of $50, $100 and $200 to be used on experiences and accommodation in the Riverland, Murray River and Lakes and Coorong regions.

Put the date in your diary and good luck!



4 thoughts on “Riverland – After the Floods 2023

    1. Hi, Iโ€™m not sure that down by the river is open yet, but the Overland Corner Hotel owners will be able to tell you if you contact them. There is camping space at the back of the hotel too which may be open. ๐Ÿ™‚


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