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Goolwa Cockle Season and the Kuti Shack 2020


The season is open for collecting cockles at Goolwa Beach and whether you cook with them or use them for bait, it’s a heap of fun collecting your own. Cockle season starts from the 1st of November and goes through until the 31st of May each year. You can dig them out of the sand anywhere along the beach, parking in the beach carpark or at any number of places along this stretch of coast, then head down to the waterline with a bucket and a measure and you’re on your way. But for an even better experience you can’t beat jumping in the 4wd for a trek along the beach, finding a patch of sand all to yourself.

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Reservoir Walk and Refreshments at Myponga

Around an hour’s drive south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula is the Myponga Reservoir which has recently been opened up for families to enjoy its scenic outlook and recreation options. A visit makes for an interesting day out in nature to go bushwalking, ride a bike, have a picnic, see plenty of kangaroos in the wild and get wide scenic views. After a healthy day out there’s also a way you can reward yourself at the end.

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Small Towns with Big Personalities

On the way home from a recent trip to the outback and Flinders Ranges region of South Australia, we returned on the R M Williams Way, a major road in the mid north of the state, named in honour of Reginald Murray (R.M.) Williams. To most Australians this maker of iconic Australian bush clothing would need no introduction and this road bears his name because he was born in the town of Jamestown, which the route passes through.

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Farina in Outback South Australia

I’ve never experienced another destination quite like Farina in the far north of South Australia. To a first time visitor it’s hard to imagine just why you might choose to have a holiday in a ghost town of stone ruins, on a dry and dusty sheep station in the outback, but spend a bit of time here and you may just get bitten by the Farina bug, figuratively not literally.

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Rawnsley Park Station & The Flinders Ranges Way

There are a number of station stays you can try when travelling in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and Rawnsley Park Station is one I would recommend. Continue reading


Outback Travel – Beware of Flash Flooding

I have a favourite poem written by an Australian woman named Dorothea Mackeller, called ‘My Country’. She wrote the poem at the age of 22, while living in England and homesick for her country, Australia. It was first published in 1908.

It’s one of the best known poems and probably most Aussies would know a verse or two of it, especially the second verse which is widely used on its own.

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