48 hours in Warrnambool

Let’s face it, 48 hours at any destination is never going to be enough to see and do it all, but I think we had a fair crack at it when visiting Warrnambool.… Continue reading

Apollo Bay – Great Ocean Road

Apollo Bay is another destination on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria that wows you from which ever direction you arrive. The town that hugs the bay spreads upwards with houses built on… Continue reading

Take off to Torquay

Anyone who knows their surf destinations has heard about Torquay, the birthplace of surf culture in Australia. Even if you’re not a surfer you would probably have heard of a few names synonymous… Continue reading

Wye River locals – Camping with Cockatoos, Kookaburras and Koalas

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to staying in picturesque, friendly towns as you travel along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, but we had a tip to definitely stay at… Continue reading

Martyrs, Apostles, Bays and Beaches of Port Campbell National Park.

Australia has a spectacular coastline with quite a few places that give you that edge of the world feeling. There are a number of spots where rugged cliffs drop off into the sea… Continue reading

12 Apostles Gourmet Food Trail

As soon as I found out about this gourmet food trail it was firmly in the itinerary of things to do. If you are planning on driving the Great Ocean Road scenic drive… Continue reading

NRMA Port Campbell Holiday Park

For travellers wanting the closest place to stay and see some astonishingly beautiful natural attractions on the Great Ocean Road, you’d better pencil in to stay a while at Port Campbell and in… Continue reading

Sow & Piglets Brewery, Port Campbell

When driving the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria, a stay at the town of Port Campbell is a must to take in all that this region has to offer. Not only is… Continue reading