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Come and Visit Adelaide Hills Wineries

The Adelaide Hills was one of the areas affected in the summer bushfires that hit South Australia. Like me, you’ve probably donated or helped out in some way to at least one of the charities or community services all helping the many areas affected in Australia. The way I like to really feel that I’ve helped out at a grass roots level has been to buy from the towns and businesses affected. A very easy thing to do either by visiting the places directly or buying online or looking for products when you shop.

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Cobb’s Hill Estate Winery – Adelaide Hills

Cobbs Hill EstateDon’t be fooled by the thought of having to go down Swamp Road to find this winery in the Adelaide Hills at Oakbank. It’s actually a little garden oasis set within 250 acres of vineyards and grazing land with far reaching views and picture worthy garden nooks wherever your eyes settle. No wonder it’s a popular venue for private functions and weddings, with its secluded setting and warm welcome from all the staff which you feel from the minute you arrive.  In fact the welcoming party begins before you even get out of the car!  Chap the endearing blue heeler was there to greet us and lead us into the winery which felt more like paying a visit to an old friend albeit a sprawling homestead owning, down to earth friend.

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You Had Me At Happily Imperfect Host

If you have a love for writing you’re more than likely to be an avid reader too. I must admit I mostly read and borrow books from my local library but I always have my eye on a few different book stores and read about new release books in the weekend newspaper.

On holidays I have used little free libraries, or have gone to the library in the town where we are staying and bought books that are being sold to clear out older stock. When my local libraries have sales I don’t mind rummaging through the books spread over many tables to pick up a few bargain buys. These books are the ones that I will then usually leave at a caravan park for someone else to enjoy. Continue reading


Autumn in the Adelaide Hills

If you follow my Instagram account you couldn’t help but see the overload of autumn colour at the moment. It’s hard not to be dazzled by all the fiery shades of the leaves that are adorning so many trees and vines in the region I live in, the Adelaide Hills. There are a number of regions in Australia that are known for their displays of autumn foliage but trust me the Adelaide Hills are right up there with the best.

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The In Between (Holiday) Days


As much as I’d like to, I can’t always be somewhere warm and tropical, totally relaxed with feet up on the banana lounge looking out to a serene beach view. So, in the in-between times I do have the good fortune of living in the gloriously clean, green and picturesque Adelaide Hills in South Australia.  Winter time can tend to drag on a bit but what we do look forward to is sitting in a warm home, slow combustion fire blazing away, comfy couches and cosy throws with a glass of excellent local red wine and a book or magazine to while away the rainy days and nights. Very hygge.

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The Hills are Alive.

Forest in fog

There is so much to see and do in the Adelaide Hills at this time of year. Start your trip early and you may encounter a foggy morning, spectacular in its eeriness. From Adelaide take the South Eastern Freeway and exit at the Hahndorf turnoff, turning left to meet up with the Onkaparinga Valley Road. The road will take you through the towns of Verdun, Balhannah, Oakbank and Woodside. Here you can stop at one of the many bakeries or cafes in the region for a fine coffee and a savoury or sweet treat.

My top tips of what to see are: Living by design in Balhannah, an iconic shop for locals looking for classic and sumptuous furniture, beautiful decorating pieces, kitchenware and stylish clothing. Then continue on a little further and you will find the The Olde Apple Shed where you can stock up on a variety of apples, juice, big hearty apple pies and more. In Oakbank there are wide open spaces and green farms that lend themselves to great photos.

Oakbank SA

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