Cobb’s Hill Estate Winery – Adelaide Hills

Cobbs Hill EstateDon’t be fooled by the thought of having to go down Swamp Road to find this winery in the Adelaide Hills at Oakbank. It’s actually a little garden oasis set within 250 acres of vineyards and grazing land with far reaching views and picture worthy garden nooks wherever your eyes settle. No wonder it’s a popular venue for private functions and weddings, with its secluded setting and warm welcome from all the staff which you feel from the minute you arrive.  In fact the welcoming party begins before you even get out of the car!  Chap the endearing blue heeler was there to greet us and lead us into the winery which felt more like paying a visit to an old friend albeit a sprawling homestead owning, down to earth friend.

We visited after having been lured in by an invitation of a warm fire, hot tacos and live music on an otherwise cold and quiet Friday night. We started in the tasting room where we could try everything from the range including Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

You can take a seat in the tasting room or wander through into a lounge area where you are welcome to sit at tables or on the comfy couch. The winery is open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm to 6pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 6pm. The tasting room and undercover deck form part of the old homestead which is also a Bed and Breakfast for hire. One of the benefits of this is that when the winery is closed the entire garden is yours to have to yourself.

Our Friday night visit was an advertised event on their facebook page and one that the winery is intending to hold more of during autumn. It was called Friday night wine and chill and promised a crackling open pit fire, homemade tacos, views and live music by the band, Wisky Jak. The event from 6pm to 9pm was a perfect way to wind down with friends for a few hours at the end of a week.

The weather doesn’t play too much of a part in the enjoyment because there is plenty of undercover area on the deck with blinds to roll down against any chill breeze, gas heaters dotted around for warmth and good old snuggly blankets too. While you’re enjoying the food and entertainment you’ve also got Chap wandering around making sure all the customers are having a good night.

If you live in South Australia, keep an eye on their website and facebook page to learn of any upcoming events. ( If you’re planning a visit to the Adelaide Hills definitely put this winery on your must see list, the gardens make this a picturesque venue at any time of the year.

Chap the wine dog



6 thoughts on “Cobb’s Hill Estate Winery – Adelaide Hills

  1. Chap, what a great name for a dog. Great post Glenys. I’ve forwarded this onto a second cousin who lives in Adelaide. He’ll get a lot of new ideas for places to visit from your blog I’m sure.

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    1. Thank you Chris, he was a lovely chap 😊 and a really great winery. I’m looking forward to going back at different seasons for that lovely garden too. It’s definitely a place I would take visitors to.


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