Fort O’Hare Freecamp

Dartmoor VictoriaTravelling from South Australia to Victoria via the Princes Highway you’ll find a terrific freecamp spot in the town of Dartmoor, around 30 kilometres over the SA/Vic border.

The camping area is at the end of the Main Street of the town and is an absolute oasis. It is pristinely maintained by very proud locals and they are happy to say that because of that, it is free but donations can be put in a box near the local supermarket.  For the privilege of staying at this camping area you must put a bit of money in and while you’re at it spend some money at the supermarket, op shop and hotel and visit the little museum.

The towns people are very welcoming to visitors which is lucky because the town of around 250-300 people (depending who you ask) swell to another 100 or so at peak times.  And everyone is staying at the campground.

The campground is beautifully maintained with green grass mowed, plenty of sites for everything from tents and swags up to big rigs able to fit. Dotted throughout the campground are picnic tables and benches, concrete fire pits and BBQ plates to use over them.

You must bring in your own firewood and only use the pits of course according to fire ban season. Everywhere is remarkably clean, not a bit of rubbish or glass in sight, another sign that campers using the site and no doubt the locals are looking after it. There are no rubbish bins so take everything out that you take in.

From the campground there are a few walking paths you can take that lead down to the Glenelg River that runs behind it.

It looks like a top spot to kayak, swim, fish or just sit in peaceful quiet and enjoy the surroundings.  The area is full of various parrots, black cockatoos and kookaburras to name a few. We were told to listen out for owls too but we didn’t hear any unfortunately.  What we did hear though was a koala, letting everyone know which tree was his territory and we spotted a few more high up in the eucalypts.

Wild koala

You need to be self sufficient at the campground and there is one toilet block with one unisex toilet and one disabled toilet.  There are no showers.  The town which is just up the road a bit does have public toilets and shower facilities though if you don’t bring your own.

This is one free camp I would highly recommend for peace and quiet, out of the most popular times.  Easter will be hectic apparently!

Happy ‘free’ camping,


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