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Melbourne City, Victoria

It’s Melbourne Cup day today and as the saying goes ‘it’s the race that stops a nation’, and it truly does. Funny as it is, there is probably no worse a time for an amateur punter to think you can back a winning horse in this race, yet every year I throw my hard earned $10 (big spender) away on a horse that I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t know what form looked like if I fell over it anyway! But it’s the fun of thinking what if I actually pick a winner.  I always back something paying big odds too because if you’re going to win it might as well be worth it, forget just winning similar money back to what I outlay, it’s go big or go home in my book.

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Beach Houses Australia

I love our beach house.  Its 24 feet long, has one bedroom with ensuite, a spacious kitchen / dining / living area, is air conditioned, has sky lights and a dual axle.  The best thing about our beach house is that we can hitch it on and move it to a new beach, a new climate, a new view, whenever we please.

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