Beach Houses Australia

I love our beach house.  Its 24 feet long, has one bedroom with ensuite, a spacious kitchen / dining / living area, is air conditioned, has sky lights and a dual axle.  The best thing about our beach house is that we can hitch it on and move it to a new beach, a new climate, a new view, whenever we please.

Not only is the interior perfect, with little housework to do when you are holidaying but outside there is an awning which you can sit under and take in the views and no gardening!

When we are setting up for a greater length of time or need some extra room we can also put up the extension (enclosed annexe walls) which has big picture windows to take in the views still.

We love our beach house but I must admit I can’t help but admire a few other stunning houses we’ve found in our travels, perched high to look over a beautiful beach somewhere or with double or triple storeys to take in views.  Here are a few that have stood out, ok had me drooling over their architecture and locations.

I saw so many lovely houses and holiday places at Byron Bay and Belongil area.  These all had something wow about them.

This one couldn’t have been any closer to the beach if it tried, I just hope global warming doesn’t threaten it’s future.

One thing that is very noticeable to southerners is when you see houses without gutters.  A strange idea for us where every drop of rain is precious, when you live in the driest state in the driest continent, but they are gutter less for a good reason.  The more tropical the climate, the less likely you will see roof gutters because the torrential downpours of rain render them useless anyway.  The gardens always look so green and lush.

It is sad though that the days are gone of having a little beach shack.  In a lot of places, these days foreshores are full of huge, glass fronted mansions. Who can blame them for wanting to take in all the magnificent views though.

Some originals remain, or have been built to replicate originals.

But lastly to a couple of my favourites that I’ve spotted on recent holidays.  This one was in Albany Western Australia and just reminded me of a giant sandcastle.  Seems to fit its surroundings very well. More than a house, this one I think was actually a series of units but I loved all the windows and their different placement.

And lastly the most unique beach house I’ve seen for a while, this one to my mind is a mix of 1960s architecture meets something from the Jetsons! At least it looks like it could float if the seas do keep rising.



4 thoughts on “Beach Houses Australia

  1. The beauty of your beach house (and ours) is that you can have million dollar beach locations for a fraction of the price – and if you fancy a ‘tree change’ for a while, you can have that to. You can add a fire if wanted (and allowed), and when your beach, or forest gets to cold, or to hot, you can just hitch up and move to where either the grass is greener, or the water, or sky is bluer. I’d rather have yours (or ours) beach house rather than any of the ones at a fixed address.


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