‘You should have been here last week!’

This is a phrase you don’t want to hear when you’re on a caravanning holiday. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that. Usually it’s followed with some great endings like, ‘the sun was shining’, ‘it was really warm’, ‘there were dolphins playing right out the front’, ‘there were spectacular sunsets’, and other great missed opportunities.

Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always want to play when you are on a time frame for a holiday, take the weather in South Australia at the moment which is being unseasonably freezing for the start of spring. We are literally, so the weather bureaus tells us, getting winds from Antarctica blowing our way and keeping temperatures way down from the average, and the sun is only making rare and ineffective appearances.

When you are on holidays and this happens it’s funny how everyone is so apologetic. If only we could fix things, ‘oh so sorry for this weather, you’re on holidays you say, well let’s just dial the temperature up to where it should be then’. But alas that doesn’t happen so you have to make the best of it wherever you are in the time you have.

I’m all for getting some great moody sky, big cloud, wild ocean photos, but sometimes you just have to admit defeat and look for shelter and comfort indoors for a while.

There’s only so much heavy and dreary weather you can put up with sometimes and when that happens, our go to is to hit a museum or gallery to while away a few hours. Some museums we’ve found on our travels have been anything but dry and static places like they used to be. Many of them these days are hands on and have interactive displays and screens to tailor your visit to what you are interested in.  It’s a bit of a worry though when you start to see things you grew up with in everyday life, appearing in museums!

So for the people on holidays in South Australia at the moment, I apologise for the weather but may I suggest……..

If you are in or near a wine region, head into a few of the wineries – friendly places with great views and world class wines and you can usually pick up a platter to go with your tastings.

Find a local gallery or museum and enjoy finding out about the history of the local area or reminisce about what’s on show.

Discover a café or hotel for a meal, hopefully with an open fire and keep your fingers crossed that we truly will see spring soon.




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