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Local and Rural Australian Museums

A great pastime to learn more about areas when you’re travelling around Australia is to visit local museums. Sometimes even the smallest towns have one and they are usually manned by volunteers with admission prices very reasonable.  They are another way of delving into the history of an area and you usually see the story behind how and when the towns were first settled and the industrial or agricultural history and stories behind them.

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‘You should have been here last week!’

This is a phrase you don’t want to hear when you’re on a caravanning holiday. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that. Usually it’s followed with some great endings like, ‘the sun was shining’, ‘it was really warm’, ‘there were dolphins playing right out the front’, ‘there were spectacular sunsets’, and other great missed opportunities.

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Batavia Coast & Gero (I’m getting the hang of the local names)

img_2388Very hot and humid weather at the moment, unusual for this area so all the locals keep telling us, but better than cold and rain. Geraldton has a lovely foreshore area with great beaches and water play areas, walking paths and shopping.

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