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Finding the Fun Everyday


Now more than ever, finding the fun every day is a great way to relieve the worry, gloom and doom that we can’t escape sometimes.

Taking a slow holiday, like caravanning is an easy way to be in the present and take in the little things around you, making you grateful for where you live and what you have.

I find it’s easy to notice the funny and quirky aspects travelling this way and especially when you carry a camera, the weird and wonderful, the funny signs and things that just bring a smile to your face and a bit of fun in your day just seem to jump out at you. Here are some of the things that made us chuckle on our last road trip.

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7 Weird and Wonderful Reasons to Drive the Stuart Highway


The Stuart Highway is an epic drive from one end of Australia to the other. From south to north it’s full of wow moments and surprising sights. Here are just a few.

Everything Natural on a Grand Scale

The differing landscapes take your breath away. The things you don’t see every day but are so grand in scale that you can’t help but be impressed. For instance at Port Augusta there is a huge wind farm popping up on the edge of the highway which will have 50 wind turbines as part of a solar-wind hybrid plant and renewable energy project.

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Kaniva Raises the Baa with Community Art

IMG_0214Kaniva is around the halfway point when you’re driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and it’s a town we always make a point of stopping in. Not only have we always had friendly service and great coffees, they also have really easy parking, clean public conveniences, and there is a unique painted sheep trail to follow. Continue reading