Finding the Fun Everyday

Now more than ever, finding the fun every day is a great way to relieve the worry, gloom and doom that we can’t escape sometimes.

Taking a slow holiday, like caravanning is an easy way to be in the present and take in the little things around you, making you grateful for where you live and what you have.

I find it’s easy to notice the funny and quirky aspects travelling this way and especially when you carry a camera, the weird and wonderful, the funny signs and things that just bring a smile to your face and a bit of fun in your day just seem to jump out at you. Here are some of the things that made us chuckle on our last road trip.

Stress Relief is the name this boat carried which seemed very apt, except if you’re the one paying for its upkeep I bet. It would be an ideal stress relief though for the whale watchers or fishers that are lucky enough to take a charter trip on it.

At a popular surf camp we found a lot of fun and humour all around and in yet another big surf location the locals showed a little darker humour just to keep visitors on their toes.

Country hotels are another source of quirky fun and humour and there are obviously a few tall stories behind some of the artefacts and souvenirs that adorn the walls. Most times though the Aussie sense of humour makes the message pretty clear.

Our road trip around Eyre Peninsula saw us hugging the coast and venturing to a lot of beautiful beaches and cliff areas. Cautionary signs are everywhere, leaving you in no doubt of your responsibility in keeping yourself safe. Deadly serious but funny too.

Don’t try looking for help at this service station though, ‘Open 7 days’, except when it isn’t.

We noticed some helpful signs for caravanners when we were touring around and others that those that had gone before us had decided to modify to leave you in no doubt of their opinion.

Country towns are always a source of finding the different things that you won’t see in the cities. Fodder stores are a common sight in rural areas and this one made a big claim. Then there are the different items you can find when supermarket shopping, locally farmed sheep or beef, freshly caught fish and other seafood or perhaps a roo tail.

Some sights don’t change from city to country though including the pampered pets that also get to enjoy a holiday, like this dapper denim coated doggie enjoying an afternoon out.

Rocking the denim coat.

Have fun


4 thoughts on “Finding the Fun Everyday

  1. Great post. Yes, it is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the doom and gloom these days. Another spot for amusing slogans is on the back of caravans – some grey nomads have an excellent sense of humour.

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