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A Fun and Colourful Aussie Christmas

One thing I always look forward to at Christmas time in Australia is seeing what creative and clever decorations everyone puts up and each year there seems to be more of an effort, maybe especially in 2020 because we are all looking for a cheerful note to end the year on.  The effort put in seems to be at another level in the rural areas in particular I find. In an agricultural area near where I live, the farmers have used their imaginations this year coming up with some new fun ideas.

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Australian City Christmas ~ Country Christmas

Driving in Australia throughout December is a fun exercise during the day or night with homes and businesses going the extra mile to bring a bit of Christmas cheer whether it’s in the city or rural areas.

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Silly Santa Season

It’s seems it’s not enough that people have spectacular light displays on their homes at this time of year, the latest thing is silly Santas up to all sorts of mischief.

I’ve found a few towns in my travels through the Adelaide Hills and towards the Southern Vales area of South Australia, where towns and roads leading to and from, are dotted with these zany characters.

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Christmas in Australia (Part 2)

You know it’s getting closer to Christmas in Australia when…..

The garden is getting pretty with bright gerberas and the air is heavy with the scent of star jasmine in the summer evenings.

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