Australian City Christmas ~ Country Christmas

Driving in Australia throughout December is a fun exercise during the day or night with homes and businesses going the extra mile to bring a bit of Christmas cheer whether it’s in the city or rural areas.

Decorations line the streets and shop windows and all shapes and sizes of Father Christmas appear in all sorts of wacky ways throughout the countryside. No matter how hot and harsh the conditions (we have days of 40+ degrees coming up again) Father Christmas happily greets passersby in his full fur trimmed, long red outfit and gives both children and adults a smile when travelling the long distances.

All of the towns you pass through at this time of year are decorated in their own unique way from giant Christmas trees to Aussie native trees lining the roads bedecked in red ribbons. If you’re lucky you may also spot the unique ‘only in Australia’, Santa’s sleigh being pulled by 6 white boomers (kangaroos), his animal of choice for getting around the Australian landscape.

Our houses and in some cases whole streets are festooned in lights, wreaths are placed on doors and Christmas trees positioned and decorated. Real or fake trees are both suitable options, I must admit we go for the latter these days mainly because we shoot off for a holiday soon after festivities and don’t fancy coming home to a crispy Christmas tree, a pile of dead pine needles and dropped decorations, as has happened in the past.

Everywhere you look, the Christmas spirit infuses all areas and now is the time that a lot of Christmas Pageants are being held in communities too. Businesses, schools, churches, community groups all dress up in Christmas themes and spread a bit of cheer and good spirits, followed by a variety of activities including markets, Christmas carolers, fun for children and fireworks.

Cheers and Merry Christmas


5 thoughts on “Australian City Christmas ~ Country Christmas

  1. It’s priceless isn’t it? We often go to a music festival in country VIC after Xmas and I just love the sight on a hot summer night of a big red star hanging about forty feet up in a gum tree. To me it symbolises everything Australian. And pity the poor bloke who has to get up there in a cherry picker every year!

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  2. Nice post Glenys. It’s been years since we’ve had a real Christmas tree. Like you we tend to take off right after Christmas so a fake tree is way easier. Any big travel plans this year?

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