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The Great Ocean Road Turns 100 Years Old

Great Ocean Road VictoriaOne of the most iconic road trips in Australia is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and September 19th this year marks 100 years from the day that commencement of its construction began. One of the most unique things about this epic drive is that it’s the world’s largest war memorial, built by returned World War 1 servicemen.  It’s one of those road trips in Australia that is on everyone’s ‘one day’ list and I finally got around to driving this way in April this year.

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18 Things You May Not Expect when driving The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road AustraliaHaving just completed a trip along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria for the first time, a few things surprised me. I was expecting spectacular coastal scenery along a cliff hugging winding road and seeing plenty of other travellers on the road but there were some unexpected surprises too which I will share with you. For those who have yet to travel this iconic road in Australia, you may find the tips helpful and for those of you who have done it, you can nod along.

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