The Great Ocean Road Turns 100 Years Old

Great Ocean Road VictoriaOne of the most iconic road trips in Australia is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and September 19th this year marks 100 years from the day that commencement of its construction began. One of the most unique things about this epic drive is that it’s the world’s largest war memorial, built by returned World War 1 servicemen.  It’s one of those road trips in Australia that is on everyone’s ‘one day’ list and I finally got around to driving this way in April this year.

It was everything and more than I expected it to be. (Click here to read a blog post about the drive). The beauty of the landscape was going to be a given but the wildlife, the forests and the friendly towns full of their own attractions along the way, was a bonus.

As part of the centenary celebrations there will be activities along the route from Torquay to Apollo Bay this September and October, pop up cinemas showing short documentary films of around 10 minutes, about the area and how the construction of the 243 kilometre road physically took place.

There will be art installations to see and even a QR Trail to scan with your phone and get educational information and points of interest to stop and see along the way. What a great idea and a brilliant way to pay respect to those original diggers who we owe so much to, including this awe inspiring road trip destination.

If it’s still on your to do list, then this year could be the best time to consider making the trip.

Great Ocean Road Victoria

Enjoy the ride



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