Uraidla Hotel, Adelaide Hills

Uraidla HotelIf you’ve experienced a freezing cold southern Australian winter you’ll know just how important it is to look for a cosy destination to get yourself out and about for a day. A region close to everyone’s hearts when you think of surrendering to the wintry weather is the Adelaide Hills, and seeking refuge in a friendly pub with a wood fire burning is high on the list of reasons to visit.

One of the more popular pubs to visit is the Uraidla Hotel. Uraidla is a mere 18 kilometres (20 minutes) from the city of Adelaide but is a world away in its feel with a village atmosphere, some market gardens and vineyards in the area and the pub that plenty of people are making the journey to the hills to see.Uraidla HotelIt also has a bakery, café and brewery situated right next door, all part of the new vision for this old hotel which, before the current owners took over, had remained empty for around 4 years. The new / old look together with the friendly and knowledgeable staff have made this a real destination drawcard giving people a reason to revisit Uraidla.

Quirky doesn’t really begin to explain the décor. Walking between the different rooms downstairs, main bar, lounge area in front of the fireplace, dining room and other cosy dining areas, your eyes are drawn from one feature to another. Every light fitting is worth looking up to see. Windmill blade, hills hoist and standard lamps dangling from ceilings, chandeliers made from glassware…they are all here. In places you can get the feeling you’ve stepped into nanna’s 1940s / 50s living room with the furniture and wallpaper styles but then you feel more like you’ve stumbled down the rabbit hole and things aren’t what they appear at all.

Upstairs there is another bar area with a more lounge bar feel and an outdoor balcony for when summer arrives and a cooling hills breeze is welcome. It is perhaps at its best though in winter when both the warming wood fires and a smooth Adelaide Hills red wine leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Just what you need when the temperature is close to zero and the rain and hail have you searching for relief indoors.

A very comfortable spot to settle in for an afternoon or evening to enjoy the atmosphere and hills hospitality.



8 thoughts on “Uraidla Hotel, Adelaide Hills

    1. I’ve seen a few hotels that use windmill blades for light fixtures and they do look great. Surprisingly everything seems to work together and even the wallpaper it’s very busy but pretty nice. I think it’s William Morris a very expensive brand too. Nice but couldn’t live with it. 😉

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    1. Yes I think they underestimate the size of the country and distances for sure. We always remark to ourselves ‘what a country’, it’s wet and green down south and we’re over winter and poor people inland and north are still in drought 3 years later. Seems so unfair. A tough but beautiful country and we wouldn’t choose anywhere else. 😊

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