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Autumn in the Adelaide Hills

If you follow my Instagram account you couldn’t help but see the overload of autumn colour at the moment. It’s hard not to be dazzled by all the fiery shades of the leaves that are adorning so many trees and vines in the region I live in, the Adelaide Hills. There are a number of regions in Australia that are known for their displays of autumn foliage but trust me the Adelaide Hills are right up there with the best.

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Recipe for a Good Weekend for a Writer / Photographer

This Sunday in Australia is Mother’s Day or as with a lot of special days in our house it extends to the whole weekend!

After having travelled for long distances and lived simply out of a caravan, it becomes very clear that we don’t need so much ‘stuff’ in our lives to make us happy and content. It is lovely though to celebrate special days and give in to what we really want to be doing rather than have to.

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Easter in the Adelaide Hills

What a perfect time to visit the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Leaves are starting to change colour, it’s cooling down but not too much yet and the food and wine is second to none. Here’s a few ideas for people living in South Australia to do this Easter weekend or for those further afield, to put on your wish lists.

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Autumn Caravanning

It’s about now that we start to feel a bit down in Southern Australia at the thought of summer being over. Yes I will miss daylight saving, long nights, hot days, cool beaches and dazzling sunsets but some of the best caravanning and camping opportunities are just beginning.

So we can choose to go down the path of ‘there goes the holidays and fun times’ or we can defy the chillier weather ahead and plan for even better escapes…..albeit with more clothes packed in. The sun will still rise and set, just a little earlier and maybe even with more colour!

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