Autumn Caravanning

It’s about now that we start to feel a bit down in Southern Australia at the thought of summer being over. Yes I will miss daylight saving, long nights, hot days, cool beaches and dazzling sunsets but some of the best caravanning and camping opportunities are just beginning.

So we can choose to go down the path of ‘there goes the holidays and fun times’ or we can defy the chillier weather ahead and plan for even better escapes…..albeit with more clothes packed in. The sun will still rise and set, just a little earlier and maybe even with more colour!

What I look forward to as we plan for caravan holidays at this time of year are:

The photo opportunities.

You can get some pretty dramatic skies as autumn starts with changeable weather and clouds rolling in. Our Aussie landscapes of wide open spaces, being surrounded by sea and a big big sky enable us to see some pretty spectacular sights and if you’re lucky, capture the mood of the day.

Time for campfires

The fire ban season in South Australia is in place until the end of April but from then on we can look forward to camp fires. Some caravan parks provide small braziers that you can loan while you’re staying and enjoy the outdoors day and night.  Others allow you to bring your own and lots of free camp areas let you have small camp fires too or provide fire pits.

Hot and Hearty meals.

When I’m at home and I try a recipe that is quick, easy and tasty, it makes it into the ‘caravan cookbook’ quick smart. I have a few favourites because they’ve stood up to making on the road but there are definitely a few new ones being tested at the moment and soon to be added. A new deep weber frying pan will also be put to the test soon. Mmmm, risottos, potato bakes, one pot dishes coming up.

Red wine time.

Ah all those visits to wineries will now pay off, tasting, buying and storing a good batch of reds is all appreciated now. There’s nothing better than that campfire, hearty meal AND a top drop of red to finish a day off right.  Of course there’s nothing stopping you from still visiting a good winery or brewery (is there a bad one?), when you’re holidaying, especially if the weather has made outdoor activities not so appealing.

Fewer people.

Most holiday makers are well and truly back into work so if you sneak a few extra days away at this time of year, or make your own long weekend, it’s a great time to reap the rewards. Being off peak means better rates at caravan parks and more opportunity to easily find space at free camps. Lots of towns will have gotten over the summer rush and have more time for visitors.

Perfect weather for exploring.

While summer had us all flocking to the beach, autumn is perfect for getting out into nature and exploring regions by taking the walking trails, paths and local streets by foot.

Summertime can be too hot (or snaky) to head off on tracks and trails but autumn makes me feel more inclined to a stroll in new surroundings and appreciate the changing season.

Hopefully you’re inspired to up sticks and enjoy the changing season.





11 thoughts on “Autumn Caravanning

      1. We went to have a look at a campervan to rent during the week. Oh my, not on your nelly! Admittedly I left it up to hubby to find a place and this one was local. He must have put the word BUDGET in his search, this one had home made modifications. Awful. But we have to start somewhere. Ha ha ha.


      2. So true, we started with a camper trailer and moved up from there with various old caravans, each being slightly better for us than the last. I don’t think we’ve ever lost too much money when we’ve sold our old vans, there is always someone just starting out that they are perfect for. We upgraded as our kids got bigger but now its all for us and what we want! (With a big annexe for ‘kids’ to still join us)


  1. I envy you your daylight saving in SA. The only thing I wouldn’t like is the shorter hours of daylight being abruptly magnified by the end of it. But, then you get to enjoy the other positives of caravanning – fire pits.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Too big a state, people in the far west of SA aren’t fans either. The time difference when we travelled to WA in summer nearly killed us. 😂 We were awake at 5am every day and ready to sleep by 8pm. It took quite a while to adjust. 🙃


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