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Do dogs look forward to holidays too?

You betcha! Our feeling has always been that dogs enrich your holiday experiences, they are the ones that will always go with you for a walk even if it’s when the sun is rising or after the sun has set.

We have always been kelpie owners and we seem to have been lucky in that after the initial mad puppy stage they have been obedient, eager to please, and intelligent dogs.

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Neo the star kelpie


The famous NeoOur lovable rescue dog Neo is very proud to be amongst other good company in a book out now, titled “It Happened off the Leash”. Edited by Paddy O’Reilly, this book contains funny anecdotes and stories of amazing dogs that have been rescued by some well-known and not so well known Australians.  Part proceeds from the book go to PetRescue which is a national animal welfare charity providing free support to hundreds of Australian rescue groups, shelters and pounds.

It was through the PetRescue website that we first found out about AWDRI (Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc.) and found our boy Neo. Having had kelpies in the past we knew they were the breed for us and thought of rescuing one rather than buying a puppy. It was love at first sight when we spotted him on the AWDRI website and he’s been a part of our family now for 3 years.

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Packing the Pooch

Best fishing buddies.

Best fishing buddies.

Most of our holidays over the years have involved taking the dog too. In fact a lot of times it’s the deciding factor in where to go for holidays. Is it dog friendly? Can you have a fire? Is it close to the water? Does it have a view? Walking distance to town / food / pub? All of those questions come in to play when we are looking for the next destination, but the dog one is a biggie, after all they are part of the family. Of course they have to be on leash at all times in caravan parks and not making a nuisance of themselves and ALWAYS clean up after them.

Our dogs have all been kelpies, we’ve found them to be extremely intelligent and well behaved, they’ve rarely barked, loved the great outdoors and a run on the beach and are absolutely no problem on holidays. They are also very friendly with other dogs, adults and children and have great personalities.

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Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. (AWDRI)

IMG_5739 Our beautiful but slightly damaged dog came from this great organisation.  Neo is a cream, also known as a blonde kelpie (no not a dingo) and has a beautiful temperament.  He’s a very intelligent boy, as kelpies are and loves to run and chase despite having a gangly looking leg due to nerve damage.  But try telling a kelpie not to run!  Neo comes on most holidays with us and loves a good walk, swim or dig on the beach.   See the great work that AWDRI does by visiting their facebook page.