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Road Trips and Camping with Kids

A self indulgent blog post today because it is my son’s 27th birthday and we can’t be with him, separated by states and shitty circumstances. So I thought I’d take a look at one of the big camping trips we did with our kids to the Northern Territory, and what a brilliant experience it was. I’m so glad we took the six weeks to travel from South Australia, up through the centre of the country all the way to Darwin and back again, zigzagging our way to gorges and other landmarks. I think we saw the best and gave our kids some pretty amazing experiences, camping out in nature and making do with very little.

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Why caravanning in Australia is good for you.

I’ve found a couple of research articles recently on caravanning and camping in Australia that were interesting to read but also no surprise to those of us who love getting away in the great outdoors at any opportunity.

Firstly from Tourism Research Australia came some interesting facts:


  • The 30 to 54 year old age group accounts for 47% of the domestic caravan and camping economy. This was more than the grey nomad statistic but they on the other hand, were lucky enough to have the higher statistic for more nights spent away.
  • In the past 12 months to March this year South Australia had a significant increase in both number of trips taken in the state and number of nights stayed. As a South Australian I can vouch for the diversity of the state, an incredible coastline many beaches with westerly sunset views, the Flinders Ranges, outback desert experiences, wine regions, incredible fresh food scene, events and live music, wildlife experiences – in fact you name it I could tell you a place to find it!

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