Why caravanning in Australia is good for you.

I’ve found a couple of research articles recently on caravanning and camping in Australia that were interesting to read but also no surprise to those of us who love getting away in the great outdoors at any opportunity.

Firstly from Tourism Research Australia came some interesting facts:


  • The 30 to 54 year old age group accounts for 47% of the domestic caravan and camping economy. This was more than the grey nomad statistic but they on the other hand, were lucky enough to have the higher statistic for more nights spent away.
  • In the past 12 months to March this year South Australia had a significant increase in both number of trips taken in the state and number of nights stayed. As a South Australian I can vouch for the diversity of the state, an incredible coastline many beaches with westerly sunset views, the Flinders Ranges, outback desert experiences, wine regions, incredible fresh food scene, events and live music, wildlife experiences – in fact you name it I could tell you a place to find it!


The other statistics I saw recently were taken from a Real Richness Australia study which explored the social benefits of camping Australia. The following statistics were raised.

85% of campers felt closer to their spouse and 75% of campers feel closer to their children

Again this is probably no real surprise given the proximity you are in when you’re camping and caravanning – literally closer, you HAVE to get along! But not only that, road trips and family holidays have always had that effect for us, sometimes it feels like us against the world as you find your way to places, seek out the most suitable site and literally set up home for however long you’ve got away. It brings out a very basic primal need in people to find a perfect spot to set up home and cater for a family’s needs. Shelter, hunter gathering, cooking and rest.

And on the subject of children and camping, 97% believe that camping allows children to learn about the environment, 94% believe camping teaches children life skills and 94% that camping teaches children to engage in society.

A no brainer! Taking kids outdoors on holidays is by far the best way to learn all of these important lessons. Away from the screens and yes even heads out of the books (if they even do that?) and into the natural environment gives kids actual living, breathing, feeling, active life lessons and skills that they will take with them for life.  And as for learning about this incredible country’s nature, history, hardships, distances, people and their stories, there’s nothing better than getting it first-hand for leaving an impression.

96% of campers believe that camping can make you happier, 95% of campers believe that camping reduces stress and 94% of campers believe that camping recharges your batteries.

What can I say, Happy hour, Happy hour, Happy hour – no doubt about it, but also spending time with family and friends, sharing laughs and meals together. No need for clocks, it’s either daytime or night time and you are either hungry or thirsty and that about sums up the decisions when you are caravanning or camping. The only other factors that matter to us on our favourite annual holiday is what the weather / tide is doing and how many people do we have to try and catch seafood for and cater for at dinner that night.

94% of campers believe that camping makes you appreciate nature more.

Absolutely true. You appreciate it more and worry about it less!  It’s surprising how little effect it has on your enjoyment of the holiday.  Rain or shine, windy or still, cold, hot, humid or arid – you can put up with a lot when you are at a must see destination or know that no matter what, there is the cosy haven of your caravan at the end of the day. I don’t think you ever appreciate more the clouds, stars and sunsets than when you have nothing more pressing to do than sit in a comfy chair and watch them undisturbed.







10 thoughts on “Why caravanning in Australia is good for you.

  1. You’ve summed up the caravanning and camping lifestyle beautifully Glenys. And yes, the biggest decisions once you’re at camp usually revolve around food. Love it! 🍷


  2. You are absolutely correct Glenys when you say that we appreciate the great outdoors more when we have time to sit our chairs and feel, and see it. We have beautiful sunsets nearby when we’re on our house break, but because of the demands of the house we rarely get time to observe and appreciate them.


    1. So true Anne, ours are adults now but they so appreciate the off road and camping holidays we all enjoyed together. Those times really stick with them 👍


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