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What’s in Your Caravan or Camping Pantry?

We are lucky in our caravan to have a small pull out panty in the kitchen cabinets and in it we always keep a few staples items that are versatile ingredients and can be used for many meals. All you have to do is add a few fresh ingredients and you’re set. There is also plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen area to add in a few extra handy to have ingredients for cooking on holidays. Whenever something is used it goes onto a shopping list straight away to replace so we are always set to go at a moment’s notice.

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Don’t leave home without it

What little luxuries do you take on holidays? Caravan and camping doesn’t mean you have to go without your favourite things. When you are travelling on a long road trip you are probably more conscious of carrying less to lighten the load but on shorter distances or longer stays why not take some home comforts.

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It’s C-C-Cold – Time for Comfort Food and Astrophotography

Well it is winter, what do you expect? In reality it’s not always possible to get away road tripping as often as we want right? So in the meantime and especially in winter, there are things to do in preparation for future trips.

If the days are just too wet, cold, windy and miserable to spend much time outdoors, it can be time to try out a few more recipes that are quick and easy to prepare in the caravan. This one is a definite for my caravan recipe book. A foolproof (and don’t waste your time standing around stirring) risotto.

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Permission to have fun!

Weeks of holidaying together in the same spot each year breeds familiarity, and it’s a good thing.  Everyone has their strengths and ideas are pooled (even the silly ones!)

We have a lot of shared dinners at our annual holiday and it’s because we really get to enjoy each other’s company, combine ideas for a menu for the evening meal, all help out with the prep and learn from each other. These slow, shared meals taste the best because so much time and effort has gone into them and dare I say they have that added ingredient of love, awwwww.

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Eat, Sleep, Fish, Repeat.

If you’ve seen the movie Groundhog Day, you’ll be familiar with the theme of reliving the same day over and over again.

We jokingly refer to our time on holidays at Moonta Bay on Yorke Peninsula as our Groundhog Day and believe me there could be plenty worse.

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Why caravanning in Australia is good for you.

I’ve found a couple of research articles recently on caravanning and camping in Australia that were interesting to read but also no surprise to those of us who love getting away in the great outdoors at any opportunity.

Firstly from Tourism Research Australia came some interesting facts:


  • The 30 to 54 year old age group accounts for 47% of the domestic caravan and camping economy. This was more than the grey nomad statistic but they on the other hand, were lucky enough to have the higher statistic for more nights spent away.
  • In the past 12 months to March this year South Australia had a significant increase in both number of trips taken in the state and number of nights stayed. As a South Australian I can vouch for the diversity of the state, an incredible coastline many beaches with westerly sunset views, the Flinders Ranges, outback desert experiences, wine regions, incredible fresh food scene, events and live music, wildlife experiences – in fact you name it I could tell you a place to find it!

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