What’s in Your Caravan or Camping Pantry?

We are lucky in our caravan to have a small pull out panty in the kitchen cabinets and in it we always keep a few staples items that are versatile ingredients and can be used for many meals. All you have to do is add a few fresh ingredients and you’re set. There is also plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen area to add in a few extra handy to have ingredients for cooking on holidays. Whenever something is used it goes onto a shopping list straight away to replace so we are always set to go at a moment’s notice.

I will use fresh vegies if possible especially if we can get some from a local farmers market, but sometimes the timing isn’t right or if you arrive somewhere late and just need something quick for a meal, then the pantry supplies are always there.

My go to staples are:

Canned tomatoes: These are so handy for pasta sauces or to add to a ratatouille of fresh vegies. A nice side dish for a BBQ.

Canned corn & mixed vegies: Corn is a good and easy addition to a salad and canned vegies come in handy when you feel like vegies and haven’t had time to get them fresh.

Cannellini beans, red kidney beans and chick peas: Also good for throwing into a salad or into pasta sauces and red beans go well in a Mexican taco mix or burrito filling. All of them are great in casseroles. Really good healthy additions to have on hand.

Tins of plain or savoury tuna: these are good for a healthy lunch alternative, as a leafy green salad meal or on a nice fresh bakery roll with lettuce.

Pasta & Rice: A packet of spaghetti or fettucine are always in as well as a smaller pasta variety like elbow noodles. Pasta is such a quick meal to throw together and features a lot in my caravan recipe folder for a quick go to. The rice is easy to keep in a canister and useful for many dishes too or for a rice salad or cooked and used (along with other ingredients) to stuff calamari tubes.

Dried herbs: I like to carry oregano, basil and thyme and they cater to most of the recipes, good to toss into breadcrumbs, flour or to make herbed butter for fish dishes.

Salt & Pepper grinders: Always good to have cracked pepper and salt to spice up a dish and we always have a lemon pepper too for seafood.

Spices: my pantry has cinnamon and paprika as the two main spices I carry but I also take curry powder and mustard powder to use in some recipes.

Plain flour and baking powder: All you ever need is plain flour and if you need self-raising flour you just add a teaspoon of baking powder for every cup of plain flour.

Asian noodles: Great for making a laksa or add glass noodles to a stir fry. Add crunchy noodles to a salad to give it an instant Asian food twist, with a tangy dressing or a soy based dressing.

Do you have favourite ingredients that go on every holiday? I’d love to hear what food items you always keep on hand and how you’ve used it when travelling.





14 thoughts on “What’s in Your Caravan or Camping Pantry?

  1. Canned tuna is must, and usually a can be of red salmon. Vegemite, butter, cheese and vita wheats – stapkesfor snacks or for the person in the passenger seat to attend to whilst travelling. It helps the trip time pass, and putting the butter and vegemite on while travelling slows down the eating process. Milk powder also comes in handy. Other than that, our emergency food is usually in the fridge or freezer. We always carry some pre-cooked frozen meals with pre-cooked rice portions.

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  2. The trusty Chang’s noodles. I just added that recipe to the recipe book you inspired me to put together. This might sound silly but I was cheesed off with the wasted space around our little pull out pantry so I now lay canned tomatoes and soups on the floor underneath it. I also found some narrow racks which can hold spice jars and cable ties them to the pantry shelves. Yeah ok it looks a bit odd but works a treat! Vacuum sealed gnocchi is a good standby too.

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    1. Good on you for starting a recipe book! I use a whole drawer as well for pantry goods, plus canisters of flour, rice, tea, in a top cupboard. I love looking at storage options in Howard’s Storage World – which I have heard referred to as Bunnings for women! I’d have to agree with that. 👍


      1. Yes same here with the dry goods etc. forgot to mention brown rice a friend put me onto the pre prepared stuff that is shrink wrapped. Boils or zaps in a minute or so and there’s so much you can do with it. There should be more Howard’s stores!!!

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      2. Yes the rice pouches are a great idea, now I have to add them to the list too. That’s a better idea than waiting around for water to boil! We have lots of baskets from Howard’s in the van cupboards, kitchen and bathroom to store things neatly.

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