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Adelaide Central Market & Chinatown

The number one attraction for many visitors to South Australia is the Adelaide Central Market. South Australia is renowned for its food and wine credentials and once you visit this fresh food market it’s easy to understand why. You need to put aside a few hours to really enjoy all that the market has to offer and bring plenty of market bags or a trolley because it probably won’t take too long before you’ll be wanting to fill them.

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Way to Go – Cittaslow

Goolwa SAThe town of Goolwa is 80 kilometres south of Adelaide in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula region. It’s the last town on the River Murray before the largest river in Australia winds its way through the Coorong and out to the Southern Ocean. Goolwa was also Australia’s first Cittaslow (pronounced cheetah-slow) town.

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What’s in Your Caravan or Camping Pantry?

We are lucky in our caravan to have a small pull out panty in the kitchen cabinets and in it we always keep a few staples items that are versatile ingredients and can be used for many meals. All you have to do is add a few fresh ingredients and you’re set. There is also plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen area to add in a few extra handy to have ingredients for cooking on holidays. Whenever something is used it goes onto a shopping list straight away to replace so we are always set to go at a moment’s notice.

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