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Australian Travel Writer and Photographer 💙 Caravan Holidays.


Holiday Hijinks

The carefree fun of caravanning holidays is something that never leaves you, no matter how much older you get it seems. There’s something about eating and living outdoors, especially with a group of friends that have known each other for a long time, which brings out the fun times and the child in everyone.

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Permission to have fun!

Weeks of holidaying together in the same spot each year breeds familiarity, and it’s a good thing.  Everyone has their strengths and ideas are pooled (even the silly ones!)

We have a lot of shared dinners at our annual holiday and it’s because we really get to enjoy each other’s company, combine ideas for a menu for the evening meal, all help out with the prep and learn from each other. These slow, shared meals taste the best because so much time and effort has gone into them and dare I say they have that added ingredient of love, awwwww.

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