Holiday Hijinks

The carefree fun of caravanning holidays is something that never leaves you, no matter how much older you get it seems. There’s something about eating and living outdoors, especially with a group of friends that have known each other for a long time, which brings out the fun times and the child in everyone.

From having a not too competitive impromptu cricket match (on the road of course), to enjoying the main meal of the day, prepared and eaten together with a few shared bevvies. Chores shared suddenly don’t seem like chores at all.

The good fortune of having everyone together for one short but enjoyable week or two over summer isn’t lost on our group of happy campers, when people have the opportunity to catch up with each other, in some cases for the first time in a year or even longer, and the opportunities for cheeky fun are everywhere. Not even the pets are spared.

Here’s to enjoying time together, never taking yourself too seriously and making more memories.

Have Fun!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Hijinks

    1. I love it when the family joins us on holidays especially when it’s harder to get everyone together now and even the dog seems to get in holiday mode too! He loves the attention but is equally happy to chill out and enjoy the serenity too.

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