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Currency Creek Railway Bridge

Yet again I’ve been inspired to get out and discover a location thanks to Instagram! This time it’s a railway bridge in the locality of Currency Creek in SA. Currency Creek and the location of this railway bridge is 5.5 kilometres out of Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula. There is a park on the side of the main road through to Goolwa, ‘Lions Park’ which is maintained by the Lions Club of Goolwa and the Alexandrina Council.

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Social Media Tourism- Are you In It?

Have you ever been scrolling through pictures on Instagram and said to yourself ‘Wow, where is that, I want to see that one day’’? Welcome to the world of social media tourism. What is social media tourism? To me it’s the epitome of ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. I’m the first one to be hooked in by a photograph that has me saying ‘Oh I am definitely going there one day’.

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