Currency Creek Railway Bridge

Yet again I’ve been inspired to get out and discover a location thanks to Instagram! This time it’s a railway bridge in the locality of Currency Creek in SA. Currency Creek and the location of this railway bridge is 5.5 kilometres out of Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula. There is a park on the side of the main road through to Goolwa, ‘Lions Park’ which is maintained by the Lions Club of Goolwa and the Alexandrina Council.

There is a carpark area, a shelter and basic toilet facilities in the park which has the Currency Creek running through it. I decided to pay a visit before the heat of summer sets in, figuring this area would be a haven for snakes when conditions are right.

There is a walking trail that borders the creek but it is in a poor state and I wouldn’t be trying to use it in summer because of the heavily overgrown path. On a warm spring day though, and wearing appropriate clothing and footwear and stomping along the pathway edged with tall grass it was worth venturing in to see the sights.

The railway bridge is worth the walk which is only a very short distance from the carpark. This viaduct was built in 1866 for a horse tram from Goolwa to Strathalbyn and in 1926 the piers were strengthened with 5 new spans built to replace the originals and make it strong enough for large steam locomotives. Today the Steamranger tourist train still uses this line.

Further along this walking trail there is an aboriginal canoe tree, an old copper mine and a waterfall but walking as far as seemed safe to do all I could notice unfortunately was a whole lot of weeds and an overgrown path but the river was flowing quite nicely. I walked as far as it felt safe too but I’m afraid I couldn’t find the other sights mentioned but if the pathway is cleared in future I will give it another go. A pretty spectacular bridge nonetheless.

Happy discovering


10 thoughts on “Currency Creek Railway Bridge

  1. Viaducts are always great landmarks and what a great walk. Walking in summer is a problem, between the heat and the snakes suddenly reading a book looks like a better option.

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