Food Tourism – Yes Please

A favourite aspect of being on holidays for me is the eating out at cafes, restaurants and clubs, trying the food that someone else has prepared and cooked. We try to mix up the ratio of dining in or out of the caravan, sometimes the site or the weather may dictate if you’d rather stay put and cook or head out for the day or evening to sight see and dine out at the same time.

You can’t beat a good bakery for a quick lunchtime treat and there are so many of them as you travel around Australia. They all seem to claim to make the best of something or other with many of them having their specialties. But how often has that tempted you to stop and put them to the test. Best pie in Australia?  Well how can you go past and not judge for yourself. We try to tell ourselves that a good walk before or after the bakery visit will allow us to get away with it.

The other temptation that is hard to go past is some good takeaway fish and chips when you’re near a beach or other waterway. You know you’ll never eat alone when the food is this tasty, but these visitors were a little bit more intimidating than your usual seagull.

When the weather turns for the worst it’s the ideal excuse to find a special place to eat in and with views along the coast and wild weather whipping up the ocean what better way to spend a bit of time soaking in the surroundings other than being stuck in the caravan. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy choices either, we are extremely lucky to have the range of good food options in a lot of places these days. Growing, buying and eating local is definitely catching on.

Aside from finding some delicious food, you never know what treasures and quirky places you can discover that can really give you the feel of a destination or show you a whole other unexpected side. The staff can be a real asset too and can give great advice on places to go and things to see and do when they know you are travellers. I think we can all relate to selling where we live to visitors, after all we all want people to leave with a good impression don’t we.

Food tourism or culinary tourism is becoming more of a noticeable trend too with some regions marketing the whole idea of good food, wine, premium products and pristine environments as a reason for visiting a destination. That makes perfect sense to me. I’m sure we’ve all got great memories of places in no small way due to the food experiences had.

And I can’t lie, I’ve had to stop for a break and eat while I’ve been putting this blog together. The memories of all this great food has been too tempting!

Happy travels & Bon Apetit,


12 thoughts on “Food Tourism – Yes Please

  1. Yes above comment very true the local IGAs are excellent and always worth supporting. Bakeries and fish and chips are Gary’s Achilles heel he can’t go past either, I always love a good fish and chips. Had some amazing fresh calamari at a nondescript takeaway at Hervey Bay, the place is now forever associated with that food. Great post.

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